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How dare you slow down my iPhone without my consent

I wasn’t having battery issues. My iPhone wasn’t restarting unless I restarted it. So why does Apple use the excuse that the slowdown is something I needed. They never checked to see if my iPhone was one of the iPhones that were actually having battery issues. If your iPhone was having battery issues, you could have taken it to the Apple Store and let the Geeks deal with it.

The reality here and actual reason that Apple has slowed down your iPhone is so that you will once again go back to Apple and purchase a new one. The latest and greatest iPhone is both the latest and the greatest in fact. I am happy with my iPhone 6 – which used to be the latest and greatest? It still was to me until they slowed it down without my consent. I’m not sure how difficult it would be to return to the previous version of iOS that does not contain the slowdown. That would probably steal more of my time and cause a series of other problems that I do not want.

So I just take it on the chin. I paid top dollar and have always been an Apple fan. In fact, I am working from my MacBook Air right now! All that I want is for Apple to make the new iPhone so compelling that I want to move up and buy one. You never make yourself look better by making yourself look worse. Shame on you Apple.