2018 Super Bowl Key Matchup: Eagles defense needs to win the battle up front

It’s no secret that quarterbacks perform worse when under pressure from the opposing pass rush. You hear it on every NFL broadcast and every talking head pre-game show. Good as he is, Tom Brady is no different. He’s obviously more than capable of making game-changing plays when hit or hurried — he’s Tom Brady, after all; but on the whole he’s not nearly as effective throwing the ball while staring down rushers as he is when he has a clean pocket to throw from.

Source: CBS Sports

Eagles’ Doug Pederson sets tone as Nick Foles rounds into form – NFL.com

As Doug Pederson explained while we stood outside his private dressing area more than an hour after the Eagles’ 38-7 dismantling of the Vikings in front of 69,596 ecstatic fans, “These games are too important. You can’t let stuff slide. And when I saw it in practice, and I saw the entire offense walk back to the huddle instead of chasing the ball, I lost my mind. I was like, ‘Oh no… no, no, no. We ain’t doing this.’ And from then on, it was an out-of-body experience.”

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